Today was a beautiful day

Temperature in the low 80’s; drop-leaf table (stained and polyurethaned by yours truly) installed in the back room next to the picture window, with a view of the trees and mid-level; a trip to the local farmer’s market by the lake and an afternoon reading on the deck; plus cheeseburgers on our grill; I couldn’t ask for a more relaxing day. Well, actually I could but this was pretty good. I’m sitting on the deck now as I write this, got to love having a wireless home network, with a nice breeze and the sun setting behind me. The garden is doing well, we have flowers – roses, hydrangea, daisy, celosia, zinniaa, dahlias and more – plus vegetables, lettuces, lots of tomatoes, peas and beans. And there are bees and butterflies in the herbs. Oh, and I have a request for a partial from a reputable, well known literary agent. Life seems really, really good today.

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