So, I’ve decided to self-publish my first novel, DEADLINES ARE MURDER: A Sam Monroe Mystery. After querying and reading about small presses, reading up on the state of agents and the publishing industry today it seems to me that publishing industry is changing and has materially changed in the past two or more years. So, rather than pursuing an agent or a small publisher I’ve decided to e-publish myself. I’ve read lots of pros and cons about e-publishing myself, both that it’s the greatest thing I could every consider, how I’ll own everything and never have to worry about who owns what part of my book to writers who preach persistence and improving one’s craft as a way to publication through a traditional channel. While writers are wondering how these changes are affecting themselves and their work, agents are facing changes in what they are able to do as well. It seems that many agents are inundated with requests from writers and are finding it hard to sell to sell to editors and publishing houses who are less inclined to take risks on new writers and more likely to focus on established authors who will bring an audience with them. Markeing is key and it seems that is much more frequently done by the author’s these day rather than the publishing house.

Not only will I e-publish this story, I plan to e-publish the next two novels I have outlined in this series. I don’t think, at this time, that I’ll e-publish all of my novels, I intend to seek representation for my historical novel. On the other hand, I may end up e-publishing all my stores. So hard to tell right now in this current market.

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