Marketing my novel Deadlines Are Murder

Deadlines Are Murder is now available on Kindle in e-book format and in Print on Demand  ( and on ( for Sony, iPad, iPhone and many other tools.Now that its published, I need to get to work on Marketing and Marketing is a challenge.  I’ve emailed the announcement that my book is available to all my family and friends.  OK, to be fair I’ve let most of my family and friends know about it,  I have a few more to go. I’ve created a Facebook Author’s page and made shared and tweeted about my book. I’ve let each of my college alumni associations (UNH and Northeastern) know about my book, created a Goodreads Author’s page, created  a Kindle Author’s page.

Next up will be to announce on the Dorothy L. listsrv and try some Facebook ads. I’m feeling pretty good about my sales so far. I’ve sold 136 copies and had additional 27 downloads allowing people to read the first 25% for free.  We’ll see how this goes.  I’ve just finished a short-story for the Al Blanchard Award and submitted it to Level Best Books ( to be considered for their annual anthology for 2012. The Al Blanchard Aware winner is automatically included but I thought it was good to cover both options.

Now back to writing my next two novels.

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