Cast of Characters: Weddings Are Murder

Sam Monroe has a large family and a lot of friends, frenemies and a few downright enemies. To keep them straight, here is the cast of characters for Weddings Are Murder as well as Deadlines Are Murder, the first book in the Sam Monroe series:

Cast of Characters:

  • Samantha “Sam” Monroe, a romance writer and occasional sleuth
  • Frederick “Rick” Sampson, Sam estranged husband
  • Donna Sussman, Sam’s former best friend now awaiting trial for the murders of Ariella Fantini and Jimmy Houser
  • Kate Schuster, Sam’s former neighbor and good friend
  • Ben Gunn, Kate’s friend, Sam’s former neighbor

Boston Police Department

  • Pete O’Malley, detective on the murder investigations of Ariella Fantini and Jimmy Houser, Sam’s lover
  • Darcy Kelvin, detective currently on assignment monitoring Donna Sussman
  • Edwin Silva, Chief of Detectives
  • Raoul Girard, Detective, new parent and sometime peewee hockey coach
  • Keith Larrabee, Detective
  • Officer Wu, on stakeout at Sam Monroe’s apartment
  • Officer Martinelli, on stakeout at Sam Monroe’s apartment

Monroe Family

  • Philip Monroe, Sam’s father, a doctor turned entrepreneur
  • Vittoria Monroe, Philip’s current wife
  • Elsa, Vittoria’s mother, survivor of WWII in Italy
  • Miranda Johnson, Sam’s mother and Philip’s third wife
  • Joe Johnson, Miranda’s husband, Sam and Jonathan’s stepfather
  • Jonathan Monroe, son of Miranda and Philip, groom, Sam’s brother, half-brother to Angela and Andrew
  • Virginia Desai, Philip’s first wife and Andrew’s mother
  • Henry Desai, Virginia’s second husband, Andrew’s step-father
  • Andrew Monroe, son of Virginia and Philip, half-brother to Sam, Jonathan and Angela
  • Marianne Monroe, (deceased) Philip’s second wife and Angela’s mother
  • Angela, Marianne and Philip’s daughter, half-sister to Sam, Jonathan and Andrew
  • Mario, Angela’s husband and Sam’s brother-in-law
  • Allie (Allison), seven, daughter of Angela and Mario
  • Addie (Adelina), nine, daughter of Angela and Mario

Peters Family

  • Steve Peters, minister in Bancroft Falls, and father of the bride
  • Stacey Peters, Steve’s wife, mother of the bride
  • Hyacinth, bride, daughter to Steve and Stacey
  • Jack, son of Steve and Stacey, brother of the bride, TV star

Sampson Family:

  • Harry Sampson, Rick’s father
  • Rhonda Sampson, Rick’s mother


  • Dominic “Frankie” Fantini, father of Ariella Fantini, sometime protector of Sam Monroe
  • Mr. Jones, Dominic Fantini’s old partner and friend

The Consortium

  • “Carl Johnson” – surveillance professional, occasional hitman
  • The Owner, older, gray-haired man with a pipe
  • The Operator, younger woman, frustrated but caught in this role by her own previous misdeeds
  • The Lawyer, master of disguises, convinces Donna to agree to three assignments
  • The Paralegal, young woman working with The Lawyer

Bancroft Falls, Vermont

  • Mrs. Foster, friend of the Peter’s family and chair of the church’s flower committee
  • Whitney Knowles, Mrs. Foster’s granddaughter
  • Tiffany, bridesmaid, Jack’s old girlfriend, Max’s current squeeze
  • Bob Thibodeau/Bobby O’Flynn, owner of the car dealership
  • Maria Thibodeau, Bob’s wife and daughter of the former dealership owner
  • Maxwell “Max” Smythe, salesman at the car dealership, local ski and tennis pro

Cast of Characters primarily in Deadlines Are Murder:

  • Ariella Fantini, Dominic Fantini’s daughter, Rick Sampson’s graduate assistant, murdered in Deadlines Are Murder
  • Jimmy Houser, student of Rick’s, friend of Ariella, murdered in Deadlines Are Murder
  • Derek Soper, former student of Rick’s and Jimmy’s roommate


  • Arthur Churykian, English Dept. Chair and Sam’s friend and confidante
  • Ruth Churykian, (deceased) Arthur’s wife
  • Anastasia Churykian, daughter of Arthur and Ruth, father’s guardian

Boston TV Station

  • Misty Mustoe, TV newsperson, childhood friends with Jimmy Houser
  • Ron, TV cameraman
  • Frank, on air news talent
  • Sarah, on air news talent
  • Mal, General Manager


  • Seth Davidson, Rick’s court appointed guardian
  • Marcia, attorney working Sam on her divorce
  • Tyler, attorney on Sam’s behalf in relation to the murders of Ariella and Jimmy
  • Stella, Sam’s literary agent
  • Brien, Stella’s assistant

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