Research, the Manhattan Project, and my grandfather

Tennessee Eastman Corporation Field Representative

Tennessee Eastman Corporation listing of Procurement field representative for each of the 11 areas, including D. L. Macdonald for the Boston area.

Knowing I would not be able to review all of the remaining visitor permit folders, I focused on the boxes that held the Tennessee Eastman Corporation monthly history summaries for 1944 and 1945. Knowing that my grandfather started working for Tennessee Eastman Corporation in late August 1944 and died in early July 1945, I decided to review the July and August 1945 records first anticipating that I would find a reference to his death. Finding no mention of his death in either of these reports, I selected the August 1944 summary. I found Mac listed as the new Tennessee Eastman field office procurement representative for District No. 1, Boston, Massachusetts. 

The archives allow researchers to take photos of files and records using their cell phones. I had taken photos of all the documents I have outlined, plus other documents that filled in gaps in my knowledge or made points about the project that I feel are important in understanding the roles of individuals and/or processes in the project. These photos would allow me to continue reviewing information after I left the Archives. With no time remaining, I signed the boxes back to the archivist to be refiled, said goodbye, grabbed my belongings, and headed to the airport. I had successfully found my grandfather listed in the records of the Manhattan Project.

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