Anne Macdonald currently works as a writer and an IT Project Manager. She has worked in IT for the past 20 years and has been writing since the age of 10. Her work positions have been in higher education, law, banking in a variety of roles that include webmaster, Assistant CIO, legal assistant, and event planner.

She is currently working on a narrative non-fiction book based on letters from WWII her grandmother kept. These letters provide details and insights into what life was like during WWII when her grandfather was a Manhattan Project engineer, her uncle was one of the first members of the the ski troops that came to be known as the 10th Mountain Division, her father, who started working on Manhattan Projected related work as a teenager into his mid-twenties but rarely talked about it, and her grandmother, who kept the home fires burning.

DEADLINES ARE MURDER is her first book in the Sam (Samantha) Monroe mystery series. WEDDINGS ARE MURDER, the second in the series, was released in December 2016, and the third, TRIALS ARE MURDER, is anticipated in 2020. Sam Monroe is the protagonist and her extended family members and friends are featured in each story. Anne currently resides with her husband in a nice, quiet suburb of Boston, Massachusetts.

Her first short story was inspired by her love of history, particularly the American Revolution, her love of a good story and an active imagination. Her love of history led her to a BA and an MA in History. Her unpublished MA Thesis on Asher Benjamin, architect and builder, is held in several libraries around New England. Her active imagination and the love of a good story inspire her novels and short stories.

This blog focuses on my writing life. I’ve always wanted to write a novel and now I’ve finished and published two on my own.

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