Anatomical Gift?

I was a little surprised, a little queasy and a lot impressed when my uncle donated his body to science. I had never known anyone to donate their body to science before and I wasn’t sure what donating your body to science means. Is there a funeral? What happens to the remains once they have … Continue reading Anatomical Gift?

Nemo, a Storm of Historic Proportions?!

New England and particularly the Boston area is experiencing a blizzard, or a nor'easter with snow, or a winter storm. They, which is The Weather Channel, have named it Nemo and according to this article,,  the naming of this storm and winter storms is catching on. And a lot of it has to do with … Continue reading Nemo, a Storm of Historic Proportions?!

Turnips and yogurt? Why?

There's a recipe in our CSA newsletter for turnips and yogurt. Why in the world, I wonder, would anyone want to have turnips and yogurt. I won't eat them individually, let along together.  I learned that I do not like turnips through my CSA. Our first year as members brought a lot of new vegetables … Continue reading Turnips and yogurt? Why?

Observations on our Trip to Italty

We're back from a 17 day trip to Italy. It was the best vacation of my life, so far. We saw Como, Milan, Florence, Rome and the village in Abruzzi where my husbands great-grandparents came from then back to Rome. We took the slow boat around Lake Como and found it to be so relaxing. … Continue reading Observations on our Trip to Italty

Today was a beautiful day

Temperature in the low 80's; drop-leaf table (stained and polyurethaned by yours truly) installed in the back room next to the picture window, with a view of the trees and mid-level; a trip to the local farmer's market by the lake and an afternoon reading on the deck; plus cheeseburgers on our grill; I couldn't … Continue reading Today was a beautiful day

Would you like some chive with that?

When my husband and I first met, his choice of herbs and vegetables was not broad or adverturous. It ran to lettuce and broccoli with the occasional green beans added for a rare change. My husband liked what his mother had served and didn't see any reason to change. I still remember his mother saying … Continue reading Would you like some chive with that?

The love of my life

My husband and I will be celebrating our 19th wedding anniversary in August. Other than my parents, my siblings and a couple of friends, this is the longest relationship of my life. Long-term had not every been a plan of mine when I was younger. My dating record could set a land speed record, I'd … Continue reading The love of my life