Writing Life: Progress on my 2nd novel

Now that my first novel, Deadlines Are Murder, has been out on amazon.com and smashwords.com for a year and has sold about 650 copies, it's time to get cranking on my second novel, Weddings Are Murder.  While my intentions have been good, my progress has been slow. I can attribute some of this slowness to … Continue reading Writing Life: Progress on my 2nd novel

How I self-published my novel

My intention to write about how I approached e-publishing process got lost in the actual process of publishing my novel. It's funny how that happens. My intentions were good but, as they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. I started to look for a literary agent in earnest in January 2011 … Continue reading How I self-published my novel

my book cover

So, my plans to write about my e-publishing process have been thrown to the winds by a new job. In August I was offered a promotion in my day job and I took it. Life has been very hectic now and I need to refigure how I'm going to get time for my writing. Well, … Continue reading my book cover


So, I've decided to self-publish my first novel, DEADLINES ARE MURDER: A Sam Monroe Mystery. After querying and reading about small presses, reading up on the state of agents and the publishing industry today it seems to me that publishing industry is changing and has materially changed in the past two or more years. So, … Continue reading Next steps for DEADLINES ARE MURDER

Writing Life: My novel title, contest entries and next steps

So, after receving several comments, I have decided to rename my novel Deadlines Are Murder. The deadlines refer to the main character, Samantha's, deadline to finish re-writing her novel and start on a second one; her soon to be ex-husband Rick's deadline to be published or perish in the world of academia and the deadline … Continue reading Writing Life: My novel title, contest entries and next steps

Writing Life: My First Novel

Whew, I have always wanted to write a novel and I finally decided to just do it.  I have now finished my 3rd draft and am ready to have some people read it over for me.  Signing up for the CrimeBake conference (www.crimebake.org) held last November did push me to get my time devoted to writing … Continue reading Writing Life: My First Novel