Marketing Deadlines Are Murder, part 2

I self-published Deadlines Are Murder on December 15, 2011, and so far I have sold 325 copies. My main sales venues are Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Kobo and Nook.  The most popular sales venue and the one that I have spent the most attention on is Kindle. the fact that I’ve sold more than 75 copies at Barnes and Noble, via Smashwords, has come as a complete surprise, but a very happy surprise.  My marketing and advertising plan has consisted of providing updates to my college alumni magazines, creating a Facebook Author page and running some facebook ads.  I do create posts regarding my book on my Facebook Author page, do the occasional tweet and, even more occasionally, update my blog. While I’m not exactly a best seller, I am happy to sell 1-2 books a day and to find that I continue to sell consistently. While I hope to sell more, selling consistently is a good feeling.

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