Nemo, a Storm of Historic Proportions?!

New England and particularly the Boston area is experiencing a blizzard, or a nor’easter with snow, or a winter storm. They, which is The Weather Channel, have named it Nemo and according to this article,,  the naming of this storm and winter storms is catching on. And a lot of it has to do with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Well, named or not, it’s a storm and it’s supposed to be big.  While I’m always skeptical of storm predictions because so much of it seems to be driven by hype, this one seems to be the real thing.  There are weather forecasters on the Zakim Bridge in Boston and on Revere Beach, to tell us all about the magnitude of this storm. Schools and government shut down early and the snow is picking up.  It will be interesting to observe what will happen next.

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